GEP English Exam Levels

These exams have been expertly designed for young learners within the PRE A1 GEP English Exam framework. This evaluates students in their early language learning process. The three levels are:


All three exams in the suite are designed to test three of the core language skills (language use, reading, and listening). 

GEP English Exams provides dedicated support and academic assistance for this to take place.

Each of the exams at the Pre A1 level is designed with increased levels of difficulty, with the aim of testing the knowledge of the student while maintaining learning motivation high.

The GEP English Exams Dolphins, Bears, and Lions exams have been designed with the youngster in mind, with text, images, design and content developed to be age-appropriate.  

When successfully finishing all three exams, the candidate is ready to initiate formal testing from level A1 and beyond.

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