50 questions - 60 minutes

Bears Exam advantage

The GEP Bears Exam continues the testing sequence for young candidates at the Pre A1-2 level. Students at this level have been learning English for 1-2 years.

The Bears Exam further tests the candidate’s ability to identify and describe familiar people, places, activities, and objects in the present tense.

The exam is also designed with a low to medium degree of difficulty appropriate for the age segment. 

Skills tested

Language Use, Listening and Reading.

Tested capabilities

Students can understand characteristics of people and places in their familiar surroundings, as well as initiate and respond to simple statements in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.
In particular they are able to:

Listen to descriptions of people, schools, pets, etc., and correctly:

  • Identify, name or select people
  • Understand the concept of age
  • Describe school conditions
  • Describe a pet’s behaviour or personality
  • Distinguish or select from a group of people/pets according to a certain characteristic

Read and understand short texts and correctly:

  • Identify locations or places where activities take place.
  • Understand a person’s main features, describe his/her main activity and place of origin
  • Spell simple words
  • Describe a person’s main interests or preferences
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