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GEP A1-C1 Exams Description

The GEP English Exams levels A1 to C1 constitute one of the most reliable ways to test a learner’s proficiency in the English language according to CEFR standards.

Since every GEP English Exam was designed from the ground up in alignment with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the results obtained with every test help to establish a true and accurate reading of a candidate’s level of proficiency according to the European body.


Academic goals

The GEP English Exams were developed by Global by a panel of academic experts and linguists after many years of research. The GEP English exam framework from inception has sought to facilitate online language testing to teaching institutions around the world, with the main objective to achieve an accurate and affordable measurement of their students’ abilities in the English language.

The principal methodological message of the CEFR is that language learning should be directed towards enabling learners to act in real-life situations, expressing themselves and accomplishing tasks of different nature. Thus, the criteria established for assessment in the GEP English Exams is based on the communicative ability in real life, in relation to a continuum of ability at every level of assessment (as determined by the GEP English Exams A1 through C1).

The ultimate goal of iTestEnglish.com and the online GEP English Exams is to help institutions measure the reliability of their teaching programs in relation to the standards established by the CEFR.


Online advantage

Because of the online examination format, learners are provided with a wide availability of test dates as determined by the schools.

All GEP A1-C1 exams have the same number of topics, questions, timings, and marks.

All GEP A1-C1 tests lead to a corresponding certificate of proficiency providing the student tested achieves a passing grade.

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