50 questions - 60 minutes

Dolphins Exam advantage

The GEP Dolphins Exam initiates the testing sequence for young candidates at the Pre A1-1 Level. Students at this level have been learning English for about 6 months to 1 year.

The exam is designed to motivate and introduce the child into the testing environment with a low degree of difficulty.

Skills tested under the Dolphins Exam

  • Language Use
  • Listening
  • Reading

Tested capabilities

Children who take the Dolphins Exam are able to understand simple expressions in the simple present, as well as numbers, descriptions and familiar words in their immediate surroundings.

Learners at this level can interact in a simple way and ask and answer simple questions about themselves.

In particular, they are able to:

Identify and describe simple objects, people, and forms

  • Distinguish colors, numbers, and shapes
  • Identify familiar locations such as school, home, a hospital, a restaurant etc.

Listen and comprehend simple spoken words related to familiar objects, activities, and conditions

  • Animals: snake, cat, dog, etc.
  • Object states and conditions: clean, glow, blue, etc.
  • Food: bread, juice, sandwich, hamburgers, lemons, etc.
  • House objects: fork, dress, perfume, purse, etc.

Read and understand simple descriptions of objects and people

  • Nationality, age and overall description: ‘Tony is American and has blue eyes’, ‘Sofia is 10’ etc.
  • Birth locations or origins, such as London, Paris, etc.
  • Tastes and activities, such as ‘Marlon likes hot dogs’, ‘Jack plays tennis’, etc.
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