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COVID 19 - Online GEP Exams Invigilation

Remote invigilation re-creates the exam-hall experience online. Everything is done via the web and this not only makes it extremely scalable but also relatively quick and easy to roll out as a huge amount of the administration overhead is removed.

Step by Step Procedure

  • Pre-Checks – Running system checks in advance of the exam to ensure that the candidate’s computer and system is all set to support a remotely     invigilated exam.
  • Candidate Authentication – At exam time, verifying that the correct person has presented to take the exam.
  • Securing the Environment – Ensuring that the candidate is in a suitable environment in which to take the exam, without access to any sources of     information that are not permitted.
  • Candidate Supervision – Watching the candidate for the duration of the exam to make sure they don’t do anything they are not supposed to.
  • Reporting – Notifying Global Language Training of any issues that arise during the exam. For example, if a candidate behaves in a suspicious manner     and breaks the exam rules, this is fully reported to Global Language Training.



GEP Exams.

Global English Proficiency Exams (GEP English Exams) by Global Language Training - UK.

Global Language Training is the leading English teacher training and assessment company in the UK and around the world. More than 95.000 English teachers have been trained and certified by Global TEFL.

An English qualification obtained through our English testing platform will provide you with a structured way to assess and improve your language learning process. Our English proficiency tests are a great tool to evaluate your individual skills, ESL/EFL programme or your students' progress. Our GEP English Exams are used by students and institutions around the world. If you are looking to change jobs, our GEP English exams open doors and improve your chances of finding a new and challenging job opportunity.

The GEP English language proficiency exams designed by Global Language Training are strictly based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and evaluate students in their learning process. Our GEP English Exams have been carefully prepared to evaluate every step of the way. Our online proficiency exams evaluate all English levels starting with very young learners. All our exams will provide you with a certificate that can be attached to your CV or to your students' language learning portfolio. Our Exams will also allow you to monitor your progress in English. Each GEP English Exam is divided into different skills which will allow you to analyze your language strengths and weaknesses.

Our English testing platform

Our online English proficiency taken via the itestenglish.com platform are suitable for anyone, whether you are a young learner, high school student, university-level student, recent graduate or already working. Our highly-qualified, knowledgeable and experienced team of EFL experts have designed an effective way to evaluate and assess your students, teaching programme and employees. The GEP English Exams use the latest technology in test delivering and will provide you with a certificate once completed. Your name will appear in our database once you have completed the exam. Our GEP English Exams taken at www.itestenglish.com follow a rigorous security protocol in every session.


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    Sid Clancy
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