50 questions - 60 minutes

Lions (PRE A1- 3)

The GEP Lions Exam is the last stepping stone in the testing sequence for young candidates at the Pre A1-3 level.

Students at this level typically have been learning English for 2-3 years.

The Lions Exam further tests the candidate’s ability to identify and describe familiar people, places, activities and objects in the present tense.

The exam is designed with a low to medium degree of difficulty appropriate for the age segment.

Skills tested

Language Use, Listening and Reading (Speaking and Writing can also be added). 

Tested capabilities

Students are able to understand simple, standard speech in the simple present tense and recognize familiar words and basic phrases concerning themselves, their family and immediate concrete surroundings.

Students can also understand very short, simple texts, picking up familiar names and basic phrases one at a time and rereading as required.

In particular, they are able to:

Listen to and understand descriptions of common functionality

  • Basic usage of technology and electronics, internet, and games
  • Seasonal activities
  • Transportation vehicles such as trains, airplanes, and cars

Read and comprehend roles, places, items, hobbies and basic instructions

  • Familiar roles such as “teacher”, “doctor” and “student2
  • Games, sports, and music
  • Use for common places such as hospitals, parks, and schools
  • Questions related to the usage of time
  • Households items such as TV, fridge, etc.
  • Homework and chores
  • All other prior test objectives will added (Bears and Dolphins)
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