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GEP English Exams - The online English testing platform for educational institutions, companies and individuals.


GEP English Exams were designed by Global Language Training in the United Kingdom. GLT is one of the leading teacher training and assessment companies. Our mission is to provide valid, reliable and online TEFL/TESOL courses and English proficiency exams designed based on international standards at affordable prices.

We have over 25 years of experience in the ELT field. More than 120,000 students have taken our courses and exams through www.globaltefl.uk.com and www.itestenglish.com. Our academic team continuously updates and shares information with our participants making our services the best available. We are a UK-based company that follows strict academic and administrative processes and we are sure that we will provide you with the best training and testing experience.

You will be happy with the quality of our courses and exams as well as the support provided by our organization.


GEP English Exams - English proficiency tests based on the CEFR

The GEP English Exams are a line of English Proficiency tests designed strictly under the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Learn more about the GEP English Exam Framework and guidelines.

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