Why Choose GEP

While there are many traditional language examination alternatives in the market, few have the modern and technical characteristics of the GEP English Exams administered at the iTestEnglish.com platform:

100% CEFR compliance

All GEP English Exams were designed from inception with CEFR standards. This ensures that your students will get a true reflection of their knowledge according to the precepts set by the Common European Framework.

Global Language Training: a trusted brand

Over 60,000 English graduates worldwide trust Global Language TrainingiTest English, and the academic team behind the creation and maintenance of the GEP Exams.

Quick deployment and scoring

The exam's online format allows you to quickly deploy it among the pupils at your institution. The GEP English Exams are scalable from a few tests to thousands of simultaneous testing in multiple locations.


As a partner institution of Global, you have the ability to continuously test your students’ language proficiency at an affordable rate without compromising quality.

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