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GEP Development History

Global Language Training was born out of an idea from a group of experienced UK ELT professionals who wanted to offer quality courses and proficiency exams based on more than 20 years of experience in teaching English around the world.

Sharing the academic and cultural knowledge, helping new teachers start a new voyage and guiding people through the language teaching process were the fundamental sparks that ignited the organization.

Today, more than 60,000 Global-certified teachers provide EFL education to students around the world.

The drive to develop the GEP English Exams and iTest English was a natural consequence of the academic process as requested by partner institutions familiar with Global’s online training and language teaching expertise.

Exam Design Goals

From the beginning, the design goals of the GEP English exams developed by Global were: 

  • 100% alignment with international standards as defined by the CEFR
  • Quality exam texts and graphic materials produced by world-class designers and language academics
  • Easy online deployment for institutions with minimum overhead
  • Affordability by students for greater market volume

Exam Authorship

The GEP English Exams are developed and maintained by a team of international experts headed by Mr. Harold Bratovich, an educational expert with many years of experience in language teaching projects.

Memberships and Alliances

Several organizations have significantly contributed to the development of the GEP English Exams and iTestEnglish.com. Primarily Global Language Training and eLearn Factory.

Global Language is a long-accredited member of the ACTDEC and is also a member of the College of Teachers, the IATEFL, and the UK Register of Learning Providers.

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