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Becoming a Test Center has multiple benefits for your institution.

As an authorized GEP English Exams Test Center your organization will be part of a long-lasting partnership that provides the next generation language service to the students.

Overview of Benefits as a GEP English Exams Test Center:

  1. Obtain additional revenue per exam sold
  2. Get market visibility in the English examination process
  3. Offer your students 100%-aligned exams with CEFR standards
  4. Enjoy double branding
  5. Easily administer online Exams and Certifications
  6. Design and shape the next generation of the GEP English Exams.


Obtain additional revenue for your institution

Through significant rate discounts or commissions, your institution will be able to offer the GEP English Exams at the end of every CEFR level. Your organization has the option to institutionalize the testing process at the end of each course, generating recurring revenue.

Get market visibility in the English examination process

Your organization will obtain an important reputation in your area as a GEP English Exams Center. Every year, there is a growing demand from EFL students for advanced language training combined with recurrent and proficiency testing.

Offer your students 100%-aligned exams with CEFR standards

Have the ability to offer fully CEFR-aligned English Exams for students, meeting strict requirements for job applications and academic endeavours.

Enjoy Double Branding

As a Testing and Certification Center you have the ability to offer an internationally-accredited Certificate with CEFR standards using your institution’s logo and brand in conjunction with Global Language Training, iTest English, and the GEP English Exams brand.

Easily administer online Exams and Certifications

Your institution will take advantage of a state-of-the-art testing platform and all the support provided in setting up the exams.

Design and shape the next generation of the GEP English Exams

As a partner, your institution and teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate and help shape the next-generation versions of the GEP English Exams through a process of feedback and analysis. Organizations that contribute to exam development obtain additional benefits.

Additional Benefits for our Partner Test Centers

We work closely with our GEP English Exams Test Centers to ensure the quality and enforcement of high standards. To help centers meet these standards, we provide testing partners with support in a number of ways:

  • Website resources – gain access to a private knowledge base where you can find the answers to your questions, download forms, procedures, etc. as well as training resources, and advertising materials.
  • Training support – Our partner Test Centers receive comprehensive onboarding training on the GEP English Exams and test administration procedures, as well as ongoing training on topics related to best practices and procedures.
  • Exam Administration Instructions – Global Language Training produces a GEP English Exams Guide for Test Centers as well as Exam Day Booklets for each test that gives precise instructions of what to do on exam day.
  • Phone and Email support – Gain access to a team of academics and support personnel to help you get the answers you need.
  • Test Center News – GEP English Exams test centers receive a monthly newsletter with relevant articles, reminders, and industry news.

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