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FAQs - exams

The Global English Proficiency Exam is an online examination of the English language designed for easy testing and deployment at educational institutions and organizations around the world.

The GEP exams are designed and maintained by experts in the ELT field and education with more than 20 years of international experience and over 85,000 TEFL/TESOL trained and certified English teachers in over 100 countries.

No, while other English language proficiency tests are later adaptations, all GEP Exams were built from the ground up under the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Any time the testing centers requires to administer exams. The tests are administered online and hence quickly deployed, all test scoring is automatic and results are delivered to the institutions and the students shortly after.

The test’s online format allows for quickly deployment at your institution or any of our authorized testing centers.

At your English institute, school, university, etc.

If depends on the exam you’re taking. Three components, (reading, listening and language use) 59 dollars US. Five components (reading, listening, language use, speaking and writing) 75 dollars US.

Our exams are English proficiency exams aimed at specific CEFR levels, hence this is not their primary purpose. However, they are accepted at institutions that have become GEP English exams testing centers.

The tests were designed from inception with CEFR standards. This ensures that students will get a true reflection of their knowledge according to the precepts set by the Common European Framework of Reference. 

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