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Choosing the right international English exam



Global Language Training GEP English Exams, are in-depth level-based exams that are like the steps of a ladder. Each exam corresponds to a meaningful improvement in language competence based on a specific level in the Common European Framework of Reference. 

Global Language Training GEP English Exams are completely aligned with the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR), a set of internationally recognized criteria for measuring ability in second or foreign languages. The CEFR specifies what a person “can do”, or should be able to do, at each of six levels; A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

The CEFR level descriptors follow a sequence of natural targets for language-learners. Progressing through the six levels can therefore be highly motivating for learners. They can see where they stand in terms of international standards, what they need to do in order to reach the next level, and the value of the abilities that the exams are testing. In essence, following clear and meaningful targets increases an English student’s motivation to study.


Real-Life Language Skills

Global Language Training GEP English Exams are based on a model of communicative language ability that emphasizes the importance of real-life conversation and interaction. This encourages and motivates learners because the skills they need for the exams are the same as the skills they need and use outside the classroom. Our exam designers are real life individuals that strive to keep tasks in touch with real life needs.


Skill-Specific Profiles

With Global Language Training GEP English Exams, the results provided to learners do not just describe the learner’s overall language level; they also provide information on their level in individual skills such as reading or speaking. These scores can be used flexibly to create skill-specific profiles suitable for different pathways—for example, admission to higher education courses or professional training courses.

This diagnostic information also enables learners to take action on problem areas, set new goals, and monitor their own progress. In this way they can become actively involved in their own learning and gain linguistic self-confidence as they move to the next level.


A Reliable Standard 

Global Language Training GEP English Exams are produced and administered in secure conditions and according to rigorous standards, to guarantee fairness and accuracy for learners in all countries. They are also recognized by institutions and authorities around the world. Research suggests that this can be highly motivating, as it means that learners’ scores are an independent and objective assessment of their language ability. 

Therefore, when a candidate succeeds in passing one of Global Language Training GEP English Exams, the next one is always within reach. In this way learners always know what the next goals are, and this should give them motivation and confidence to successfully continue their studies.


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